DANCE is one of my hobbies which I cherish the most. I can dance anywhere and at anytimes- sad, happy, angry or tensed, as dance helps me overcome my bad moods. So, here I go with my dance journey…..


Reminiscing my childhood, I remember me and my brother were send to take dance lessons at a play school when I was 6 years old. The journey started with the song ”Chandu Ke Chacha”. These classes ended up in just a month. My mother says, from this point of time, I started showing a keen interest in dance.

After this there was a deferred period of 3 years. Then I with my childhood best friend went to take dance lessons at ”Dance Planet”, which was in a close vicinity to my home. My teacher, Meenakshi ma’am used to teach me and later there were many more teachers according to different dance styles. I had taken the course for a month, which due to my zeal, enthusiasm and passion extended up to more than a year. The style I used to learn there, was mainly ”Bollywood”. The batches were according to age groups, but out of curiosity, I used to stay late and sometimes tried imitating dance steps from other batches. Rest of the batches included several other dance forms like jazz, salsa, and many more. But, I learnt only some simple steps from Bollywood style.

This ceased for another year when I again forced my mother to take me to the dance classes. She argued that ”Do something useful in dance, that helps you in your career. For instance, take a degree or a diploma.” I agreed to my mother, so I went in searching a degree or a diploma in western dance which I found nowhere. The only degree program I found was in classical dance. I went for it the first day, but I found it boring and immediately left those dance lessons. My dance journey almost finished here.


How can I forget my schoolSaint Mark’s Girls Senior Secondary School? Schools are the main platforms where children involve themselves in various co-curricular activities and find out their favorite hobbies. In 5th grade, my dance teacher selected me for dancing in cultural events of my school. At this point of time, I got a platform to get stage experience. In school, there was only classical dance form; I wish there was western too. In 8th grade, I also took part in an inter-school group dance competition and achieved 2nd position.

Interschool Group Dance Competition

At the age of 15, I joined a dance class, ‘‘Radha Krishna Dance Academy”, with my friend circle and used to learn bollywood style there. It was for about 6 to 7 months.

During my 11th and 12th grade, I only focused on my studies.


Here, the actual dance journey started.

As I entered into my college dance society- ADVAITAA, I came to know what ”Dance” actually is. I realized I was not even a beginner at dance. I was not selected in the auditions but pleaded to let me enter this dance society- ”The decision I appreciate the most”. My college life has been happening, productive and amazing because of Advaitaa.

This was a 2 year journey. What I learnt in these 2 years was way beyond my early 10-12 years. In the first year, I did Bollywood and western style. I went to a number of colleges for competitions. In the 2nd year, I learnt western styles, namely ”locking, house, urban and hip hop”. This year was when I actually learnt about various dance styles. Since, I was not able to manage my studies, I unfortunately decided to leave Advaitaa in my last year of college.
My dance journey was till here and I hope it continues fruitfully in future.

I feel I am just a beginner in dance till date, but I am still a better version of me from past years. As to me, ”Improvements are equivalent to winning”, so I prefer focusing on myself and getting better everyday.

Dance is not my career and may be it won’t be ever, but it will always be my interest, my passion, my hobby, my mood booster, my most loved activity in my entire life.


A few days back, I was getting bored and was craving for  dance. So I recorded this short video on the song – Attention by Charlie Puth. Do watch it. 🙂 I also edited this video in slow motion (as a tutorial) to help you understand and learn steps.


SELF BODY MASSAGE can do wonders in Health ^o^

Self body massage may be a useful adjunct, for those who are too weak to take sufficient exercise and also for those having fatty encumbrances.

On the whole massage is not so natural and useful as exercise, combined with the baths, so do not be dependent on it.
One who craves massage is a sickly person; hence one must aim at becoming independent of it by acquiring a degree of positive health.

source :

How body massage helps in getting rid of body waste?

Waste matter which accumulates in the tissues is got rid of in two ways, by the veins and by the lymphatic vessels. In massage, the concern is to accelerate elimination of waste matter. Circulation in the veins can help do this. Obviously, the course of massage should be directed towards the heart. This is called centripetal massage. This is recommended only in self-massage. Also note that, the safest is self-massage. Do massage non-violently. Massage which is done on safe lines improves skin health, making it softer and more elastic and efficient. Also its effects on the circulation help in the relief from fatigue, weakness and pain.

source: Altered States


1     While doing self-massage, parts which you cannot reach by your own hands, one can treat it in a slightly modified manner with the aid of a string of beads of about half inches or more in diameter. Alternatively, simple friction with a wet towel held by the ends in both hands would suffice.
In massaging, oil hands and the parts which you will be treating so that the hands may move smoothly over the skin. Use only mild vegetable oils. Some experts prefer ‘dry’ massage, using talcum powder. That powder contains boric acid, some coloring matter and a synthetic scent, which are poisons; also the tiny particles of the powder get into the skin-pores and close them up, so that sweat cannot come out freely. Hence the use of powder is unsafe. Oiling is not needed for the procedures called static but only for those called dynamic.

source: Baby Centre

2     The following are the procedures of massage. Straight and simple English terms are given to indicate the process.

Tickling, Stroking, Rubbing, Kneading, Vibrating, Drawing, Stretching

Pressing, Squeezing, Pinching, Beating, Tapping, Poking, Clapping

You do not need to follow the above given order strictly, except for the first one, tickling, which should also be the very last procedure.

NOTE: No fixed rule need be followed, whether for the duration, or for the degree of the pressure used in each of these procedures. Both these depend on the age, sex and constitution of the patient, and on the amount of the effect craved or needed, the size of the part massaged and the form and severity of the illness.

The belly

Since, the central part, the belly, is also the central part for the generation of most troubles, one may make it a periodic routine to massage that part .

3     Massage of the abdomen…
Lie flat on the back, draw in the legs with the fold of the knees standing up, and relax the abdomen. Do as many of the procedures listed above with the gradual increase in pressure. Of course the first and the last should be tickling. The direction of the movement for the dynamic procedures should be clockwise around the navel. Try to reach as far deep into the abdomen under the ribs and the groins.


One important caution is that massage of the abdomen, either self or passive, should be commenced only after clearing the bladder and the bowels.

source: The Sun

4     For massage in general, first go through the dynamic movements that you have chosen , and then the static ones.

5     First, one should relieve the capillaries, so first do superficial massage. Treat the outer skin with tickling, with absolutely no pressure, and thereafter massage the deeper parts.


source: youtube

Tickling is passing the outstretched fingers over the skin surface with no pressure, but with very little touch, as if with a feather. One may also do tickling a feather. This rouses the stagnant blood in the superficial capillaries of the veins. The mode of operation of the other procedures is explicit enough from their names.

6     If you want to massage a particular part or region to get relief from pain due to swelling or sprain, first massage the parts around that portion, in the centripetal direction. Then only massage the affected part. The foreign matter is distributed in the surrounding areas. So there is a feeling of lightness in the affected area.
Massage alone will not be able to produce any lasting benefit.

7     Massage stirs up heat in the system. It is not proper to leave it like that, because that will induce a tired feeling afterwards. So, finish with a cool bath, chiefly the Spinal Bath.

source: tripadvisor

A massage well done lulls the patient to sleep.

All in all, cleaning of blood is the most vital aspect for staying healthy. Massages perform this role without any discomfort or pain.

yay or nay?


Off-shoulder JUMPSUIT from a Pyjama

” Making an Off-shoulder JUMPSUIT from a Pyjama ! ”


  • A pair or pyjamas
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Lace/ Elastic (to adjust the off shoulder part)


1    Place the pyjama on a flat surface.

2    Cut the elastic. From the bottom of the elastic, cut a strip band .

3    Now cut the shorts to your desired length.


4    You will be having 1 shorts, 2 pieces of cloth(the cut legs) and a long strip band.
Keep the shorts aside. Cut the 2 pieces of cloth such that they are no longer joined and open to get a 2 single cloths.

5    Put the 2 clothes overlapping each other completely and fold them in half (as shown).

6    Mark as shown and cut through the lines.

7    Sew all the 3 pieces (shorts, elastic band, 2 cloths) together horizontally in a sequence as shown. (Remember sew both from the front part or both from the inner part, not as shown in the image.)

8    Sew the sides above the elastic band. Leave the armhole areas. (Remember sew both from the front part or both from the inner part, not as shown in the image.)

9    Now, attach the strip by sewing for the off-shoulder part.

10    Insert an elastic or a lace on the strip to adjust. (refer to the pouches section of BEST OUT OF WASTE – ”DIY old pyjama into shorts + 2 pouches” to see how to insert a lace inside a cloth)

Yay 😀
The off-shoulder jumpsuit is ready!
A little complicated but worth it! 😎


CHOCOLATE MUGCAKES in microwave in 2 mintues ♥

Cakes? So common these days! Why not try something different? MUGCAKES? yay!:D
May be cakes do not work when only you want to wish someone or it is a gathering of just 2 or 3 people or may be you have no time to make one. So, in this case, these cute little mugcakes can serve as an amazing option.
Today we will learn how to make CHOCOLATE MUGCAKES in microwave in 2 mintues ♥


  • Mug (you want to make the cake in)
  • All purpose flour (maida) – 3 tbsp
  • Coco powder – 1.5 tbsp
  • Baking powder – 1/8 tbsp
  • Baking soda (for sponginess) – a pinch
  • Condensed milk (if you do not have it, you might use granulated sugar instead for the sweet taste) – 3 tbsp
  • Melted butter (ghee) – 2 tbsp
  • Milk – 4 tbsp
  • Chocolate chunks/ chocolate syrup for the chocolaty flavor (not necessary) – a fistful
  • Microwave or oven


  1. Take the mug and add all the dry ingredients (flour, coco powder, baking powder, baking soda) and mix thoroughly.
  2. Now add condensed milk, melted butter and milk in the given amounts.
  3. Mix the batter very nicely until no granules can be seen.
  4. Now you might add a fistful of chocolate chunks or any chocolate syrup (I used hershey’s syrup).
  5. Put this batter in either a microwave or an oven.
    Put the mug in a microwave for 2 minutes.
    Put this batter in an oven for around 15-20 minutes.
  6. Take the mug out and leave it for a few seconds to cool.

Remember – Do not fill the mug completely (fill 1/2 – 3/4 of the mixture) so that it has enough space to rise.

The MUGCAKEare ready to eat and serve …… ^_^

“Yummy Yummy, in my Tummy” 

Yay? 😀


PRETTIEST CARDS 😍 – 10 minutes DIY

Here is how to make easy yet coolest flashcards (or cover page of cards) for your friends/family within not more than 10 minutes. ❤
Read below to make these prettiest CARDS 😍 – 10 minutes DIY.


  • Colored sheet (any color)
  • White sheet (drawing sheet or printer sheet)
  • Paper cutter (or any cutter to cut the white sheet)
  • White pen (to make the left border design)
  • Scissor
  • Pencil (to draw the right border design)
  • Fevistick (paste the white sheet on the colored sheet)


1     Take the desired size of colored sheet you want to make the card of.

2     Take a white sheet of breadth same as that of colored sheet and length a little less than 3/4th of the sheet.

3     Make the border design on the white sheet as shown in the picture below and cut using a cutter.

4     Now paste it on the colored sheet leaving the left border and completely pasting till the end of the right side as shown below.

5     Referring the same image, draw the design on the left border using a white pen. You can make any design (mehndi designs, tribal prints) you wish to.



Wasn’t it so simple? 🙂


BEST OUT OF WASTE – ”DIY old pyjama into shorts + 2 pouches”

I had a really cute pyjama but unfortunately it was out of shape and a little too warm for summers. So something popped up in my mind. Here it goes….
I will teach you how to convert it into super cute shorts + 2 cute pouches (I gifted those to my grandmother :D); without wasting any cloth and using stuffs which you can easily find at home.
So, lets DIY old pyjama into shorts + 2 pouches!



1) A pyjama.

2) A pair of scissors to cut cloth.

3)  A ruler to measure.

4)  A pencil to mark measurements.

5)  Needle and thread to sew.

6)  A shoelace or any such lace for the pouches.




Step 1 : Place your pyjama on a flat table.

Step 2 : Mark the length of shorts you desire equally on boht sides.
(Note:- If you are a beginner, try to mark a little longer than desired so that if you cut it wrongly, you can cut it again.)

Step 3 : CUT using a pair of scissors.

Simple enough? 🙂


POUCHES (Using the remaining 2 cut portions of legs)


Step 1 : Fold one of the remaining pieces of leg inside out.

Step 2 : Sew one of its edges (refer image – sew where the pencil is placed). Cut to straighten the other edge using scissors.

Step 3 : In the next edge, sew where the pencil is placed in the image.

Remember – Leave (do not sew) around 3 cm to put the lace inside.

Step 4 : Insert the lace. (using a safety pin or a hairpin)




Step 5
: Flip it inside out again.

Repeat the same steps for the second leg to get the second pouch.

TADAAAAAAAA………….. !!!!!!!!!

Super cute SHORTS and 2 POUCHES are ready; without wasting even a tiny piece of cloth ! ^_^

yayalways 😀




A bloated stomach hinders your appearance and makes you feel uncomfortable. One needs to fight belly fat to stay confident and healthy.

Belly fat is an indication to unhealthy lifestyle. It is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart diseases etc.  It is the most unhealthy fat in the entire human body and most of the diseases originate from the stomach, from what we eat.

Now the question comes “how to reduce belly fat”?

Here we go.


Focus on what you are eating everyday and keep a track of it. Input the following items in your diet.

  1. ALMONDS   – They contain fibre which helps in proper digestion of food which otherwise may lead to bloating of stomach. They also contain nutrients and high protein content.
  2. APPLES   – They are full of fibre and makes your belly full. It is an obstacle to over eating and helps fight belly fat.
  3. CUCUMBER   –  It is a low-calorie food containing almost (96%) all water.
  4. GREEN VEGGIES   –  Low in calories, full of fibre, vitamins and minerals ; green vegetables are the most effective ingredients in diet to reduce belly fat.
  5. WATERMELON    –   Does the similar functions like cucumber. In addition, it is also rich in Vitamin C.
  6. BEANS and LEGUMES   –  They help burn fat, regulate digestion and fight obesity.


Changing lifestyle is the utmost required step towards reducing belly fat.

  • Say no to alcohol.
  • Reduce stress levels (through meditation).
  • Take plenty of rest sleep.
  • Do not lean and eat food. Sit with folded legs, back straight and eat.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food as many times as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Say no to sugar.


Working out and sweating helps fight belly fat.


CARDIO – Walking, Running, Cycling, Jogging, Swimming.


ABBS – Crunches, Planks, Leg raises.



    • Bhujanga asana (Cobra Posture)
    • Dhanurasana (Bow Posture) 

  • Naukasana (Pontoon Posture)
  • Kumbhakasana (Board)

  • Pavanamukthasana (Wind Easing Posture)

  • Pranayama – Kapalbhati

Practicing even 50% of above reduces belly fat in less than a month.

Yay or Nay? 🙂


COLLEGE LIFE – The New Experience

College” was something that had been discussed in my entire school life. College life in Delhi University was looked upon as something, with all the pros that the school life had- friends– and without any cons- uniform, constant scrutiny from teachers. As a high schooler, admission in college was a dream come true. I was no longer a ”kid” and had a huge increase in my pocket money.


Keshav Mahavidyalaya

I walked into the gates of ”Keshav Mahavidyalaya” with a little smile on my face and nervousness in my heart. But it didn’t go as I had planned, all my hopes and dreams were slowly torn apart in a month.



It began on the first day of the college, I was surrounded by new faces. It was nothing like the first day of the school. In school there were teachers all over the place to guide the little kids to their respective classes. But in college we were supposed to find our own path and there was no one present to guide us. To further add to my fear, I could see groups of seniors all over the college, and it was rumoured that freshmen were supposed to be the livestock for them.

Gradually, I settled in the college life and soon realized that it was not much better than jail. In the first semester, I was unaware of the way our college system worked and my grades suffered because of this. Furthermore, I never expected Mathematics Honours to be so different from highschool mathematics. I found college full of boredom, no activities, irreglar lectures, unaware of syllabus and books- almost a catastrophic turn in my life.

DANCE SOCIETY– to rescue


At this point, I found ADVAITAA – dance society of my college – ”saviour”. I travelled a lot in the second semester. I went to each and every college in Delhi University and went to many competitions. This caused a slight problem for me as I was unable to maintain my attendance. It was to such a degree that I was like ”eid ka chaand” in my class. But Advaitaa was worth the pain. It gave me exposure to boost my confidence, some memorable trips (BITS Pilani), and a bunch of amazing friends like family.

As the second semester was coming to an end, we organised dance competition during TRYST – Our College Fest. It was a great moment for us, performing on our home platform was an experience like nothing else. I could feel the crowd cheering for us, the limelight was on us and it gave me the pride that I had never felt before in my life. The fest ended with sending our rivals away with handmade gifts. After this came the sad part, where we had to send off the graduating class of that semester.


Then came the second year – full of curiosity to see new freshers, taking auditions of dance society, feeling of becoming ”senior”. The cherry on the cake was my new junior friends whose love and entertaining skills gave me immense pleasure. This year included handling even more stuff, hence came more burden. I started considering my college grades and clearing my dilemma; I took a heartbreaking decision to leave my dance society in next year.


But Advaitaa will always have my support. The only good memory I will have after college = ADVAITAA.